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Clinical expertise

A panel of highly qualified sub-specialists & clinical pharmacists in academia, research, and/or practice available, with an option to engage in peer-to-peer review.

Financial expertise

Have a suite of flexible and customizable financial solutions such as fast and easy Claims adjudication, retro audits, and concurrent audits.

Operational expertise

Built on PMQ’s years of experience in successfully managing pharmacy and medical benefits, ARC™ is able to seamlessly manage specialty treatments, regardless of benefit.

Streamlined integration & technology

ARC™ is the industry first fully integrated pharmacy and medical benefit management system that is able to manage from a prior authorization’s creation all the way to Claims on a single, proprietary platform.

Total cost of care data

ARC™’s comprehensiveness allows it to house, run, and analyze data that is clinically, financially, and operationally relevant; this allows ARC™ to provide Clients with not just data, but meaningful intelligence and insight.


Medical Specialty Care mainly revolves around biotechnology and injectable medications for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. While specialty medications can be life-altering and allow patients optimal disease management, these medications are unfortunately a challenge to manage themselves.

Some of the challenges lie in the fact that these drugs are often given by physicians in their offices or administered at outpatient infusion centers. Since these drugs are usually given as injections or infusions, they require precise dosage calculations which, much of the time, can lead to wastage of medications that come in many sizes and forms. Specialty medications also tend to require special handling (e.g. temperature control), so yet another consideration is in the timing of their delivery.

Specialty care medicines are also significantly more expensive than traditional oral medications. According to most experts, they are growing at a rate in the double-digits and this trend is projected to continue into the foreseeable future. These challenges and the growing trends of these specialty medications have only made it most difficult to draft and implement cost-effective containment strategies.

PharMedQuest’s next-generation specialty care management solution, ARC™ has proven that it can manage the complexity of specialty care. To read more about our Medical Specialty Management Solution, ARC™, see Related Media and also visit

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