White Paper

How Are You Managing The 50% of Specialty Drugs Billed Under The Medical Benefit?

PharMedQuest, an innovative provider of Medical and Pharmaceutical Management Services, recently commissioned a White Paper from Access Market Intelligence (AMI), an independent market research company, entitled:

Bend the Curve: A New Era for the Management of Specialty Pharmaceuticals (White Paper)

An Introduction to Today’s Specialty Marketplace

Biologic, biotechnology-based, rare disease, or high-cost pharmaceuticals
— collectively known as specialty drugs — can be covered under the
pharmacy benefit, the medical benefit, or both depending on the benefit
design plan sponsors require of the third-party administrator (including
the pharmacy benefit manager – PBM; administrative service organization
– ASO; or any administrator of a medical or pharmacy benefit).

On average, up to 50% of specialty drugs today are covered under the
medical benefit.

With the exception of a few key therapy areas, traditional tools used
to manage specialty drugs under the medical benefit, such as prior
authorizations and medical benefit carve-outs (i.e., “white-bagging”),
have yielded limited value to plan sponsors.

This thought leadership analysis, with insights from recognized industry
experts, will provide an overview of the challenges, a summary of the
key issues plan sponsors must address and insights into best practices
through an innovative new approach, Medical Benefit Drug Management

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